MN 99s Holiday Party

The MN 99s always hold a wonderful Holiday Party and this year was no exception.  It was held today at the Delta Training Facility, a place I had never been to before. Besides the usual festivities of food and good company, one of the pilots Mary Jane Rice celebrated her 70th continuous year in the 99s! How incredible is that. There were four generations of women pilots (well a few little future pilots) at the party and some other family members. Because we were in the Delta Training Facility (which use to be the old Northwest Airlines facility) we were able to take a look at the simulator for the DC-9 and later after the party was over we were offered a chance to see some pilots train on the 747 simulator! Well, who could pass up that opportunity. So Patti (the Chapter Chair of the MN 99) and I went to watch them fly. The 747 is an incredible airplane and it was so much fun watching the professionals do what they do best. We first watched them take off and land at the Hong Kong International Airport and then they landed on an Aircraft Carrier! Then Patti and I were given a wonderful opportunity to take a seat in the 747 pilot’s chair and try out the simulator! I went first and managed to take off in a 50 knot headwind and then swing around and landed the 747 at the Hong Kong International Airport with a little help from my co-pilot!