Today I visited the MIA with a friend of mine, Susan. Susan and I went to library school years and years ago and get together every once in a while to visit and gossip!

The MIA has a “William Holman Hunt and the Pre-Raphaelite Vision” exhibition currently showing and also a very nice exhibit on Asmat art (which I think could have been better considering all the Asmat materials at the University of St. Thomas) called “Time and Tide: The Changing Art of the Asmat of New Guinea.” If you ever saw the Asmat Museum that use to be in Shoreview, Minnesota, which was jam packed with art, you know that any other exhibition of Asmat art is going to pale in comparison.

The funnies part was the freaky looking angry security guard who told me I could not take photos with my iPhone. I mean really, what year is this? The dude (who was probably in his 30s) had a scraggly looking beard that would have been fashionable in the 1850s! I am soo not kidding here. For the rest of our visit at the museum Susan was concerned that I was going to get us thrown out (with my covert photo taking) and refused to take a photo of my next to a piece of art. But really, a few photos on an iPhone (with no flash) who cares? Quite a lot of the great museums (and some really crappy ones) in the world allow photos.

By the way when I got home I looked at the MIA’s website and they DO allow photos, occasionally a tripod and a flash! Figures that I would meet up with psycho photo hating security guard. Freaky photo hating guard also yelled at me for pointing (yes, for pointing) too closely at a painting and despite the fact that the painting was enclosed in glass!

So after my photo taking Susan and I had lunch at the ArtsCafe, which over looks the beautiful Dale Chihuly ‘Sunburst’ glass piece of art. Next we were off to the Gift Store where I got two books at a really great price (one book on architect’s and one of Hindu temples in London and the US) and some wildflower seeds which look like matches (yes, I am going to try and grow something again).

Its Susan’s birthday next week, so if you know here please wish her Happy Birthday!