New Reference Desk

One of my part-time jobs is working at the one of the local state universities as a weekend reference librarian. Its a great university and the people are really nice. The library is only a few years old and has these great windows which are filled with trees and sunlight.

Well for some reason they have redesigned the reference desk and today was my first day at the new desk. Before I sat facing the library users, had the Computer Help Desk and the staff next to me, and had a great view of the windows, trees and outside. Now I am across from the old reference desk, have my back to the library users, am totally exposed as people can walk right in-behind me (they could grab my purse, mess with my computer, be physically in my personal space, etc,) to get to the reference books or computers, and I have to yell across the way to the Computer Help Desk people. Also the sign that says ‘Reference and Research Assistance’ is right over my head and swings! As has been pointed out to me by the laughing Computer Help Desk people, I have a little guillotine above my head ready to fall if a strong breeze hits it.

The reason behind the creation of the new reference desk is so people can see the reference librarians-which is a great idea, but what about the reference librarians? We are now all a bit exposed.