Libraries Picnic

Today was the U Libraries Staff Picnic. One time a year, the University lets all the library staff and librarians meet for an annual party/staff recognition event/picnic (or whatever they are calling it). There was food, music and prizes this year. Do do the current budget cuts there were no gifts for everyone, unlike previous years, but this year they gave out a number of prizes and I WON one! It took me a minute to realize that they called my name (my last name was mispronounced) and then I had to ask one of my co-workers what I won. It was a $25.00 gift card from Quiznos (6 people from the HSL won prizes, so my library did quite well).

The theme this year was the 3 Musketeers, you know that ‘all for one’ stuff. The food was good-chicken or a spinach ricotta pasta, bread, salad, beans, rice, brownie, and ice cream (raspberry chocolate was the flavor I got). The music was interesting. During the lunch they had a steel drum band (playing a interesting mix of music, which included ‘Funky town’). Really, you have not lived until you have heard ‘Funky town’ set to that Caribbean beat! After lunch everyone headed outside for ice cream, the prizes and another bad called Rope Trick, who are a cowboy yodeling band. They were pretty good.

It was a fun afternoon.