Instrument Flying

Today I was Instrument Flying!

Instrument flying is where you fly your airplane only with the instruments. Which means that you do not look outside for any visual reference. Yes, its a bit scary. Well, a lot scary and this was the first time that I have flown with Instruments. I used special sunglasses that blocked the upper part of my vision and leave the bottom open to see the instruments (FYI…we were flying at 5,000 feet! That’s the highest I have I have flown yet!). Then you are flying without looking outside you really loose track of what is going on. You do not feel how steep your turns are and you do not feel if you are descending or climbing. Its a really odd feeling, as you have no visual reference to what is going on outside your airplane. If you are not constantly paying attention to your instruments you will be in serious trouble!

One needs a few hours of Instrument flying for their private pilots license, but this does NOT allow you do fly with instruments. Flying solely with Instruments is a totally different rating.