Happy National Reading Group Month!

Apparently October is National Reading Group Month! Who knew? Does everyone/everything get a month now? Even reading groups? They even have a website http://www.nationalreadinggroupmonth.org/index.html

This makes me think of the three reading groups that I have been in. One in Honduras and two in Minnesota. None lasted. No one ever read the books (well I ususally did, but thats just me. I think the only book I did not read was ‘Wicked.’ I just could not get into that book, but I am going to see the musical in November- so I might try again). I have noticed that the groups either had too many people or not enough people. The perfect size seems to be four or five committed people who are readers (non-readers are a bad idea in a reading group, becuase they tend not to read the book or they want to pick a book that everyone seems to have read already).

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  1. Yeah – our expat club wants to try to start one of these up again. I’d prefer a reading club where you get together, trade books, maybe give a short summary, and then eat, drink, and chat.