Happy 2009!

So the new year is upon us and so far so good.

I went to see the new film Valkyrie, which was OK. Not overly good and not overly bad. One thing that drove me crazy was the lack of German accents. I mean please! These are actors and we should be hearing at least a trace of a German accent. But no. Instead we hear American and British accents, which is very distracting. You watch the film and you see Kenneth Branagh and you think, gee I just saw him in Harry Potter and I hear he’s making Thor. You don’t see the character. I didn’t expect Tom Cruise to attempt a accent (and watching him all I could think of was…gee looks like Tom Cruise in a eye patch), but I did expect some of the others to at least give it a try. But no, so I was watched the film thinking, gee its the guy from Pirates of the Caribbean, its the guy from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, its the guy who was a villain in Superman and is that Eddie Izzard?

The best movie I have seen this holiday season is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Its a very interesting and at times sad movie, but one that will get you thinking. Bedtime Stories is really cute and I am one of the few people that liked Australia.

During the day at my parents house family friends stopped over to visit and eat. Family friend Zena dropped off a plate (or in this case cookie sheet) of baklava. Zena makes the best baklava! Yummy!

With only 99 books read in 2008, I continue my quest for 100 books read in 2009.


  1. Hi Melissa,

    Happy New Year to you too! The baklava is better then it looks! I see your reading ‘The Time Travelers Wife’? I read it a few years ago and really like it, but oh how I cried towards the end (so heads up that you might need a tissue or two).

    Travel safe,