Flying to Flying Cloud Airport

Today for my helicopter lesson we flew to the Flying Cloud Airport (in the city of Eden Prairie). It was extremely cold outside, there was snow everywhere and it was a bit windy. I have never flown with snow on the ground, so it was an interesting experience. It took about 20+ minutes both ways from the Anoka County Airport to the Flying Cloud Airport. I flew over the Mississippi River and near the city of Minneapolis (there was a great view of the new Twins stadium). At the Flying Cloud Airport we stopped at Elliott Aviation. Elliott is a FBO, a fixed base operation, which means that people fly their planes to the facility for refueling and maintenance, and you can also rent a car, buy or charter a plane, etc. Elliott also sells sunglasses! Yes, my quest to find non-polarized sunglasses has finally ended. I purchased a pair of VedaloHD sunglasses (they are especially made for pilots) and then wore them flying home. They worked wonderfully!