Famous “Shark!”

So my Donors Circle DVD from Marian Call has this little red “Shark!” on it and really, I did not think that much about it, but it turns out it might be a famous shark!

Marian wrote to the Donors Circle that while she brought a bunch of the DVD’s to a bar where she was meeting up with some friends and…

“Well everyone there thought I was silly and a little sweet for doing
my homework, and they decided to sabotage me a little.  So they stole
my red pen and my DVD’s, and about 8 rather internet-famous people
drew doodles on some of the Donor DVD’s — Wil Wheaton, Ernie Cline,
Dammit Liz, Stepto, E, Jason Finn, and more.  I believe E signed his
contribution, but the others are anonymous.

All that is to say, if your Donors’ Circle DVD comes with a little
extra red doodle on it that you don’t think I drew, that would be the
work of an internet-famous friend of mine, but you’ll have to just
wonder who.”

How fun is that!




  1. Hi Moogie,

    I emailed Marian and she is refusing to talk! She says “I’m so happy you got it! SO happy! But I can’t tell you who it is. You’re doomed to wonder and just know you have something very very special. Feel free to brag if you like!

    So we are forever doomed to wonder!