Earthquakes at Yellowstone

It seems that Yellowstone National Park has been experiencing over 250 tremors over the past few days (which is a bit unusual for them). Its been about 70,000 since the volcano under the park exploded, so perhaps they are due (hmmm that sounds like a movie, a really bad movie). Apparently the magma is just about 3 to 4 feet below the surface, which is why there are so many geysers (like Old Faithful), hot springs, fumaroles (which you must admit is a great word! it actually means steam vents) and mudpots in the area.

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Yellowstone National Park has a WebCam on Old Faithful which is updated ever 30 seconds

Old Faithful
Old Faithful


  1. Hello Melissa,

    I posted a prophecy-warning early on Christmas, 3.33 AM. Both the literal and symbolic meanings of “great quaking and waves” are now unfolding, precisely on time, again. (a symbolic hour is 15 days (360hours/24=15), a symbolic day is a year (360 day/degrees), a symbolic year is 360 years, so a symbolic minute is 360 minutes, aka 6 hours).

    The symbolic meaning points to the great upheavals in the middle-east (and elsewhere) and the resulting waves (ramifications, aftereffects). Last year, same date, was the killing of Benazir Bhutto and its ramifications and aftereffects. Literal quaking in Yellowstone underneath the lake within the Caldera is pretty amazing, even to me. When both the literal and symbolic meanings coincide, it means big, big, troubles. I have been expecting Yellowstone to rumble, if the USA failed to heed my warnings. Just what we need, another great debacle on top of the rest. Oh well, Karma’s a bitch. Perhaps people will wake up and change paths before the universe teaches us the hard way.

    Most people thought it was wise or cute to ridicule my warnings and prognostications over the last three years. Now the tables have turned and dramatically so. Help people understand the truth, while there is still time…

    Peace and Wisdom…

  2. Hello Seven Star Hand,

    I agree that karma is a bitch, but I am hoping for Yellowstone to stay calm for a few more years.

    Happy New Year,