Day before Halloween

Tour Day!

Continuing my collection of visiting various airport towers and control areas, I was able to visit the Minneapolis ARTCC (aka Minneapolis Air Route Traffic Control Center) with the flying club I belong to. The Minneapolis ARTCC watches over about 350,000 miles of airspace and over 1200 airports! An incredibly nice group of people work there and they took us all over the Center, let us watch the traffic (planes flying here and there all over the country), showed us a few videos (including one they had made), and answered all sorts of questions. FYI…they dont allow you to take photos inside the ARTCC (but I took a few outside) and getting in is like getting into Fort Knox. Security everywhere. My best and geekiest question of the day was: “Do you ever have any pilots report seeing aliens.” Their response: yes, they do have pilots report seeing odd things that are unexplainable. How cool is that!!!

Then I stopped up to see Grandma at the nursing home/hospice to wish her Happy Halloween and bring her some candy. My mom and Sloane with the kids were already there trick-or-treating. Louisa is Alice and Julian is Tweedledee this year (not sure what Sloane or Derek are going as, or maybe parents dont dress up?).