Day #2

Today started out bright and early with breakfast at school at 7:30am. Then it was off to ‘International Development Theory’ class. Next another great lunch of subs and chicken sandwiches (last night one option was stake! They really do a great job feeding us here at Southern Miss). The lunchtime lecture was by Dr. Ward Sayre “The Economics of Palestine Suicide Bombing.”

Next J, Madeline and I decided that we needed to see some of the local culture. So we stopped in at the local mall and then ventured over to the casino. While in the casino I felt that it was necessary to put some money into the local economy and the best way to accomplish this would be to play roulette. I played $20.00 and won $42 (thanks Madeline and Jane for providing some great numbers!). After my original $20.00 was gone, I cashed out and we were off to repatriate my winnings back into the local economy. We stopped for fried ice-cream at this great Mexican restaurant.

Then I returned back to my hotel room to find water dripping from the ceiling, all over the floor, and soaking the chair. Facilities showed up 30 minutes later and found that the room above me had a blockage in their air conditioning unit and the water soaked the carpet and dripped down into my room. The nice facilities guy brought towels, but the hotel is totally booked (due to the oil cleanup) so they could not move me to another room. But they are giving me a discount! Cool!

A dinner and social hour at The Dock was the last item of another very long day.