Coming soon to a bookstore near you…

Slow news day (cold and snowy, with more snow and cold coming. Minnesota in the winter. Need I say more), so I will tell you about my new book chapter! Ooh….aah!!! Yes, Melissa has a new book chapter coming out. Rejoice!

The new book chapter is called “Stuck in the middle and loving it! Why middle managers have the ability to lead from the heart and the power to persuade” co-written with Erika Bennett (interesting facts about Erika: she is a librarian at Capella and she and her husband have two crazy corgis). The chapter will be published in the book Mid-Career Library and Information Professionals: A Leadership Primer which comes out this January 31, 2011. Yes, it is a bit expensive at $80.00, but really, who doesn’t need another book about the library profession by librarians. Its also has a pretty cover (look to the left), so how can you resist not buying one for your favorite librarian. I know I will be buying one or two! No seriously- I will be buying one, as when you write a chapter for a book your payment is the joy of seeing your name in print and another spot on your CV, and that’s it. No money, no free book, no discounted book. Nothing. Nada.

Here is a link to the publisher’s website

and everyone’s favorite bookstore