Celebrate U!

Today was a U of MN staff and faculty appreciation event held at the new TCF Bank Stadium. You needed your ID to get in and to receive the free food (hot dogs, chips and pop/water) and free gift (while supplies last!)- which was a seat cushion (maroon color) and TCF also gave out free sweatshirts.

So Pat, Emily, Randy (my co-workers at the Bio-Med) and I hiked down to the new stadium a little before the official start time at 2pm. It was insanely crowded and they did not have good crowd control. There were lines for everything. After we fought the crowds for food and gift, we took a look around the locker room (for which we were not allowed to walk on the carpet and had to walk on plastic) and also had a chance to go on the field with its fake grass. It was a fun event (see more photos in my the Flickr account).


  1. See?! The carpet in the locker room really did have little Ms! (It took everything I had to stay on that plastic and not run amok in the athlete-only zone.) Beautiful photos on Flickr – you’ve got a great eye.

  2. Hi Emily,

    You were right! And good eye for noticing them. They were hard to see in-person, but they turned up so nice on the camera. It was hard to stay on the plastic, but I did walk off it a few times! Just to spite the volunteers. Hehe .


  3. Hi MLB (Melissa, is that your new nickname?),

    Well, as you know I am not much of a sports fan, so I do not think I will be using it on the bleachers. Last year was an umbrella, which always comes in handy. I was hoping for something a bit more exciting, but oh well. Free is free 🙂