Books, books and more books

While I am home sick today (I have not been feeling well and then I went outside a few times last night to see the Lunar Eclipse, which very cool and beautiful, but probably not a good idea in -0 degree weather), I have been taking a look at the books that have arrived for me this past week. I love books, but I am trying hard to cut down my book intake (running out of space, no time to read right now, books that I need to review, class reading assignments, etc).

So these are the cool new titles vying for space: ‘Mosque’ by David Macaulay. ‘A Golden Age’ by Tahmima Anam, ‘The Reserve’ by Russell Banks, and ‘The Commoner’ by John Burnham Schwartz. Normally I do not read that much fiction, but I belong to the Odyssey Bookshops First Edition Club and these are their selections for January, February and March. They are a wonderful bookstore and when you order via the mail, as I do, they wrap up the books wonderfully and sent them to you. I also just received the newest book from Spout Press (a local publisher in Minneapolis, MN) ‘Ballad of the Breathless’ poems by Emily Graves. Spout’s other new book ‘Northern Oracle’ poems by Kristin Dierking was wonderful, so I am really looking forward to reading ‘Ballad of the Breathless’.