Books, books and more books!

If you know me, you know that I love books! Well this week my books runneth over.

When I left my old job as a Reference Librarian at Metro State, my co-workers gave me a wonderful giftcard for Micawbers Bookstore. They are located in St. Paul and have a wonderful selection of books, including lots of British titles and independent things you normally would not see at the big chains. So I used my entire gift card and some extra and came home on Friday with a wonderful stack of books (photo below):

“Winston Churchill” by Paul Addison
“The Significance of the Frontier in American History” by Frederick Jackson Turner
“City Secrets: Books: The Essential Insider’s Guide” by Mark Strand
“Unpacking My Library: Architects and Their Books” by Jo Steffens
“The Ordeal of Elizabeth Marsh: A Woman in World Events” by Linda Colley
“Winging it at a County Crossroads: The Ups and downs of Minnesota’s First Real Airport” by Roger Berserson (telling about the airport at Snelling and Larpenteur in St. Paul! Who knew!)
“The Twelve Days of Christmas in Minnesota” by Constance Van Hoven and Mike Wohnoutka (autographed!)

Then yesterday I received “Empires of the Indus: The Story of a River” by Alice Albinia which a friend recommended a while back and I had various issues ordering. I finally had to order it from the UK, which turned out to be cheaper ordering a new copy, than ordering a used copy here in the States (Ok, I could have waited until the American edition comes out on April 5, but I have better things to do on that date…haha! No really, it comes out on my b-day. Too funny.). Weird.

Then today at ground school (the weather was too icky to fly) I bought “Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge” by the FAA. I know, sounds like a bestseller!