Birthday Monday

I had a great Birthday today! I received a few cards, a bunch of birthday messages on Facebook and Twitter, a few phone calls with people singing ‘Happy Birthday’ (an odd, but fun tradition in my family), a lovely chocolate cake at work (thanks David, fyi…the other cake was equally good, but not as lovely as the chocolate one) and many well wishes for a happy day. So all in all, a very good day.

I also stopped by my Grandma’s to say Happy Birthday to her (I also called the twin sister and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her too. Actually I ended up singing to her two times: once in a message and once when I actually spoke to her. Am I a nice twin sister or what?) and to see the flowers I had sent. The flowers were beautiful. Red Roses from Bachman’s and they really were beautiful. Grandma loved them. I also delivered the last page of her ’90 Days of Katherine’! Yes, today also ends that gift giving event of celebrating Grandma’s 90 years of life with a gift for each of the past 90 days. Besides a gift for the last 90 days, there was a daily page listing the date, the gift given, whom the gift was from, and a photo. Then all the pages were placed in a blue folder.

Update: The birthday celebration just continues! My friend Cece just invited me to grab a coffee, so I took a quick break and we headed over to the local coffee shop, where she bought me a “Jarritos Lime Limon: Made in Mexico” soft drink (aka pop for those of you in Minnesota). Thanks Cece!