Art-o-mat vending machine coffee break!

A coffee break was needed today and what better place to take it than over at the Boyton Health Services Art-o-Mat vending machine. So on a lovely afternoon Cece, Emily and I hiked over. Cece ended up buying 4 (yes, 4!!!) pieces of art (‘Bar Code Flipbooks’ with Elvis, ‘Weener Ware’ which was a pop cap pin, ‘Bronzes by Quality Individuals’ which was a little tennis shoe, and ‘Attack from Planet K’ a little spaceship) and I ended up getting 2 (yes, 2!!!) ‘Folding Books’ by Mai-O, which folds out and had a little fish on the front and the ‘Bronzes by Quality Individuals’ which is a little bronze piece (mine was a soccer player) made by an artist in Ghana. Emily decided to wait on her purchase, as some of the items were sold out.


  1. Hi Nikola,

    We all loved the little space ship from Attack from Planet X-14! The Art-o-Mat is such a great idea.


  2. …Once again, Kudos to the Art-O-Mat team!!!…Great stuff; great concept…..Keep up
    the Good Work!…….
    ….From all of us Rabid Members, here at MOCA-the Geffen, in Los Angeles, California.

    …….Best, R. Peck…… ……ends…….