Another book review!

Apparently its book review day in the Melissa household. I just checked the mail and another book review was also published and arrived on my doorstep.

This one was a great book, it’s Craig Child’s “Finders Keepers: A Tale of Archaeological Plunder and Obsession,” Library Journal, 135, no 14 (September 1, 2010): 118.

Child is a fantastic, poetic writer and he really has some good questions about who owns the past (as in, who owns the physical and cultural remains of and include the dead. Its a complicated issue. I was trained as an archaeologist, librarian and art historian, but as a person with occasional issues about governments and museums I have my own odd opinions on the matter). But its a great read and one that everyone will have an opinion about. I like the book so much, I even recommended it to be a stared review in LJ! Read it!