A Rainy Day

Today was a wet, crazy day filled with tons of rain and even a tornado.

I had a flying lesson this morning and when we (Instructor Steve and me) took the helicopter out it was not raining, just really gray and dreary looking. Then it started to sprinkle and by the time I was practicing my hovering it was pouring! As we did not have doors on the helicopter (Steve asked if I wanted them and I said no. I figured I needed to get use to them not being there and really, if we were in the air and it started to rain I would get wet) the rain came pouring in.

By the time we were done an hour later, my whole right side was soaked (you fly a helicopter on the right side- I know, weird)! Then when I was trying to help pull the helicopter into the hanger (in the rain) I did not move my feet fast enough and my foot got ran over by one of the wheels (my foot was fine, but still pretty dorky on my part. No worries. And if you were wondering- no crying or swearing). So in all I was at the airport 2 hours, flew for 1 hour (my hovering, taking off and now landing are coming along very well. Thank you for asking), got soaking wet, had my foot ran over, and finally had to stop for gas (in the rain) as I was on E and I needed to purchase a few PowerBall tickets. Then back home to change and off to work.

Later in the afternoon there was a tornado warning and I had to go around and tell people in the library that we were evacuating them to the lower level. Oddly enough, people did not want to move or seek shelter. And when they did move it was extremely slow. By the time we had moved everyone to the lower level of the library (which is really the main level), the tornado warning was over. Ahh…summer in Minnesota!