A busy friday

Today was a busy day which involved getting a new driver license, visiting a architecture archive and then attending a Grad Student Photography Workshop. The Workshop was really interesting. It was taught by photographer Bob Fogt who use to work at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. He had a lot of cool cameras and other photography equipment with him.

A few of his hint for photographing art:
-always use a black background
-select the lowest ISO (film speed)
-Lightroom by Adobe is a wonderful tool for editing photos
-buy an extra flash which will swivel and bounce (move up and down and around)
-you want larger pixels vs lots of them
-if you buy a tripod or other equipment its always best to buy one that is black in color, so it does not reflect
-if possible take photos in the RAW format (its pure, unprocessed data)
-check your image histogram- its the final authority on exposure
-when photographing through Plexiglas adjust the light to not aim at the glass, but adjust it so it bounces off a wall or the ceiling
-buy a gray scale balance card/ or a QPcard 101
-for background paper use a #57 Gray Tint, its the most neutral gray paper he has found