99s and the Black Hawk

The Minnesota 99s had a business meeting today (we are still planning the big Fall Sectional Meeting) and it was held at the Minnesota Army National Guard – Aviation building at the St. Paul Downtown (Holman Field) Airport. Upon arriving, we learned that we would be able to take a tour of the Black Hawk helicopters! What a wonderful surprise. I love helicopters and have 15.5 hours in an R-22. We had a fantastic tour and got to “fly” (aka ‘sit carefully and not touch anything’ OR as in ‘we are only flying in our dreams as these babies are not leaving the ground’) in two different Black Hawks (one was brand new one and the other one was older). It was a great day and an honor to be able to see these beautiful helicopters live and in person. Thank you Minnesota Army National Guard! Oh, we also had a very productive meeting.



  1. Hi Tracy,

    Thank you! Such a fun day. Great ladies and great helicopters! Does not get better than that.