The Norwegian Explorers 2017 Christmas Annual

This year The Norwegian Explorers 2017 Christmas Annual’s theme was “Fame and Fortune in the Canon.” For my submission, I tried to think of something creative and a bit unique, so I submitted “The Case of the Sherlock Holmes Sudoku Puzzle.” Yes, its really a Sudoku puzzle, but with a Holmes theme. I have always wanted to create a Sudoku puzzle and figured that this would be a good opportunity.

Christmas with the kids

Christmas came a little early on this Festivus night with a little celebrating with my favorite niece Louisa and nephew Julian, my Mom’s favorite daughter Sloane, and Mom. This year’s Christmas book for the kids is an autographed copy of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay’ signed by MinaLima aka Miraphora Mina & Eduardo Lima, the fantastic graphic designers from the Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beast movies. I also got them one of those paper airplanes that you build, the Fantastic Beasts movie, and an Infinity Cube Fidget toy. I received some Fanny Farmer candy (who knew that they still existed) and some foaming hand soap!

Flannel! Terry would be proud.

Sloane, Mom’s favorite daughter, gave her this very sharp pizza cutter. Guess what daughter will be driving her to the ER?