Day four after surgery or where I get das boot!

Today was my first doctors appointment after foot surgery and after four days of being forced to use crutches I was really looking forward to this appointment. First up was having some x-ray’s taken and then I saw the doctor. The doctor said that my toe/foot is healing nicely and now I get to wear the boot which will not allow any movement and will keep the toe/foot nice and safe. Not only do I get to wear the boot, starting today, but I also get to wear it for the next 8 weeks. 8 weeks! The boot is really tall, kind of heavy, I cannot drive with it, and its going to make me walk weird which will not be good for my back. But 8 weeks! And sadly the stitches did not come out today. So a good appointment overall and getting rid of the crutches was wonderful, but a bummer about the stitches and das boot.