Cleaning up the 3D violin

Cleanup of the 3D acoustic violin continues and which includes taking out all the extra bits and a little sanding with sandpaper on the edges, but as I really wanted the feel of the 3D printing on the violin, I left a lot of the grooves on.



The instructions call for snapping off the tiny screw holes on the metal violin tuner/tuning pegs (6 pegs in the bag). The directions make it look super easy to do by hand, but it is not, I repeat, it is not an easy thing to do if your just holding it in your hand with a wrench. So the workaround is putting the peg in a vise and then snapping their little heads off.

Power tools! You will soon notice that the tiny screw holes on the metal tuning pegs now have a sharp edge or two and you should probably sand them down. So I plugged in my dad’s electric grinder and ground away. No fingers were lost and no eyes were damaged when the sparks flew. I probably should have worn gloves and safety glasses. Oh well, live, learn, and try to keep all your body parts. Grinding off the little sharp edges were not mention in the 3D violin making instructions from Hova Labs.

When you snap off the tiny screw holes on the metal violin tuning pegs it takes away the black paint and then when you grid the pegs more paint comes off. A few more small details not mentioned in the 3D violin making instructions, but live and learn.

I also washed off the dust on the 3D violin parts and the metal violin tuning pegs, as little pieces of plastic and metal are not really good to be leaving around the house.

Who doesn’t love a royal wedding?

Who doesn’t love a royal wedding? I remember getting up really early to watch Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson get married back in 1986. So today Princess Eugenie married Jack Brooksbank in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. While a much smaller wedding than her parents, Eugenie’s wedding was still lovely with all the fall colors and fall flowers.


Finally in the room where it happens! Yes, I finally got to see Hamilton. I have been trying to win lottery tickets to see the musical for years, but family friend Janet got us tickets when they went on sale months and months ago. So this past Friday September 28 Janet, Mom, Sloane, and I went to see Orpheum Theatre to see Hamilton! It was a wonderful musical and certainly one of the best musicals I have ever seen (up there with the live musicals of Phantom of the Opera, Mary Poppins, and Mamma Mia!). Did I care that it plays fast and loose with history. No, I don’t care. I am not Neil deGrasse Tyson complaining about the placement of the stars. I just want to be swept away in the music and the story. Enjoy it for what it is- a very fun musical that makes people happy.

Although I was angry the first 30 minutes of the first act, because they had all the songs out of order. Was someone sick? Why where they messing up things? Then I started to think about what was going on and I finally realized that the copy of the CD I always listen to must have been burned out of order and at intermission we brought up the playlist and yes, I had been listening to them out of order. Seems the musical makes a lot more sense and is a lot funner when you have everything in the order as Lin-Manuel Miranda intended them to be. Haha!

My ‘Where’s Waldo’ moment!

Women and Drones just released (from InterDrone) the group photo from the ‘Women and Drones Luncheon’. Can you find me?




(photo from @WomenandDrones and @InterDroneExpo)

Minnesota 99s and Charles Lindbergh House and Museum

The Minnesota 99s had their Fall business meeting last Saturday (September 15, 2018) at the A.T The Black and White Restaurant in Little Falls, Minnesota and then took a tour of the Charles Lindbergh House and Museum. We also celebrated Elaine Morrow who was awarded the 2018 International 99s Award of Achievement for Humanitarian Efforts. Congrats Elaine!

Despite the long drive to Little Falls, which is really over the river and through the woods, it was nice to see everyone at the meeting and it was wonderful that Elaine is finally being recognized for all that she has done for the 99s. While I think that Charles Lindbergh was a terrible human, he was a good pilot (or at least a good pilot at the right time and place) and the Minnesota Historical Society has done a great job with the house and museum. Inside the museum are exhibits, a gift store, a two films to watch, and a full-scale replica of the Spirit of St. Louis cockpit where you can try to fly to Paris on the flight simulator (I crashed leaving NY). The house and museum are on the banks of the Mississippi River and so its a very beautiful, but remote location. Its a fun place to visit and the staff are nice, so I would recommend a visit even if you are not into aviation.

The Museum is listed in the Fly Minnesota Airports Passport and so I was able to get a new stamp! Only 100+ stamps to go before that leather flight jacket is mine!

Part 5: The Neck

3D printing ‘The Neck’ of the acoustic violin was a bit involved. Our 3D printer in the library was not large enough to hold the Neck, so we had to borrow another printer over in the Anderson Labs. Anderson Labs is amazing! They have a wall, a wall of 3D printers! They also have laser cutters, welders, saws, and presses. The 3D printer that I used was a Fusion3 F400-S and it prints super fast. The specs on the Neck were for it to take 9 hours, which I expected to do 18 hours, but when I was told that it took less than 6. Awesome!

InterDrone 2018 Day 3

InterDrone 2018 Day 3 (Friday September 7)

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
As the UAS industry has grown, so has the number of women entering and succeeding in the industry. Women were seemingly left out of the initial economic equation for determining the progression and opportunities within the industry. But in only a few short years women have emerged as a major marketing target. This session will cover how women are succeeding in the industry, and how to successfully market to this growing and vital segment.