The Big Bang Theory goes out with a big bang!

Tonight ended one of my all time favorite shows The Big Bang Theory. It was funny and touching and sometimes I just laughed so hard. I loved the geeky or nerd of it. I loved all the celebrities like Wil Wheaton aka Evil Wil Wheaton, and all the other Star Trek and Star Wars actors that would appear, John Ross Bowie who played evil Barry Kripke, Bob Newhart, the Mom’s Laurie Metcalf and Christine Baranski, and lets not forget about Stephen Hawking or Bill Gates or Elon Musk. Remember the Mystic Warlords of Ka’a or Meemaw or the various astronauts or all the real scientists, Soft Kitty or that tiara or the one ring to rule them all! The show had a lot of heart, a lot of love, and a lot of love for science and science fiction. Sheldon was the loudmouth or instigator or bully, but Leonard was the leader and the heart of the show. Some great Twitter posts tonight:

I received a Big Bang Theory Game from Madeline a few years ago for my birthday. We were at a conference and Madeline and J won. The game was rated 12+ and it was clearly not intended for kids as the questions were really hard!

I also received from Co-creator and Executive Producer Bill Prady a Big Bang Theory Challenge Coin! You had to send him a challenge coin in exchange. So I gave, sacrificed really, a military coin given to me by my fabulous friend J and sadly no she did not give me another coin to replace the one I gave away. So I sent it off with a note and guess what, I received a package with a BBT coin and note back in exchange from Bill Prady! Thanks Bill!

Game of Thrones 8.5

Wow, that was an episode. The battles were awesome, they always were, but the story lines, what are they doing to our favorite characters? All for what? To get things done in 6 episodes? So a few directors could move on to make Star Wars movies? The break with the characters came when they ran out of books. The show needed more George and less Dan and Dave. The books will be so much better. At least we had Cleganebowl and it was sad and beautiful, but now Arya needs to take out the Queen and her dragon. #Arya #GameofThrones

Here is what was trending on Twitter.

Swords & The Secret Lives of Books

Today was a really interesting talk on “Swords & The Secret Lives of Books” in the Wangensteen Library and they had real historical swords that people were allowed to touch! There is always something wonderful about history coming alive by being able to touch and feel real objects. The swords dated from the 15th-18th century and were surprisingly light to hold.

Here is the blurb on the event: “From the battlefield to the operating theater and forests to the kitchen, knives and swords were part of everyday life in premodern Europe. Join the Wangensteen Library and the Oakeshott Institute to learn about how these instruments were made and used, their meaning in society, and how we continue to learn from them today…This pop-up exhibit hosted by the Wangensteen Historical Library and the Oakeshott Institute features short talks by scholars Alexander Greff & Amanda Taylor and the opportunity to handle 15th-18th-century swords from the collections of the Oakeshott Institute” (

Talking podcasts!

On Thursday, May 2 I was invited to talk about podcasts in the Breakerspace area at Walter Library at the UMN.

Here is the blurb on the event: “On May 2nd, the Walter Library Breakerspace will be hosting more Podcasting speakers, featuring Melissa Aho from the Bio-Med Library, and her friend Stacy Verdick Case. Both have experience in creating podcasts: Melissa with her podcast Book Talk with Melissa Aho, and Stacy formerly of The NOT Boring Book Show — both podcasts about books and book lovers. Join us for an informational session where they share tips and tricks about creating and producing a podcast, and answer your questions about podcasting!” (

Unfortunately, my friend Stacy was not able to attend due to a scheduling conflict, but it was a good group that came to listen and they asked some great questions. This also marks the first time that a talk of mine provided refreshments! The Breakerspace provided popcorn and lemonade. Thanks!

Happy Graduation Doctor J

My friend J finished their Ph.D. and is graduating (they don’t like their name on the internet, so a mysterious initial is all I am giving you). I purchased this PhD Graduation card for them 8.5 years ago. 8+ years is a long time to save a card. Just saying. But they are done and graduating and I am so proud of them!

Congratulations Doctor J, Ph.D.!!!

ARLD Day 2019

Another day, another presentation! Today was ARLD Day 2019 which is hosted by the Academic and Research Library Division division of the Minnesota Library Association and was held at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. I had never attended an ARLD Day before and they put on a good event.

I was part of a presentation “Beyond Citation Counts: Policy and News Media Impact” for a library workgroup that I am on. There were about 16 people in the audience, so a good size crowd. It went well, but I was not feeling very well and I think I rambled a bit.

I also got to finally visit the Andersen Horticultural Library. Its a beautiful library filled with furniture by Nakashima including a coffee table made from a 400+ year old English Oak tree burl from Sherwood Forest!

Beyond Citation Counts_ Policy and News Media Impact April 2019

(Thanks to K. Mastel for the photo of me talking!)