Minnesota 99s chapter meeting & holiday potluck!

Today was the annual Minnesota 99s Business and Holiday Meeting with potluck at Hummingbird Aviation at Flying Cloud Airport. As usual I was running late and ended up at the wrong airport hanger. Jay and Paul from Great North AutoGyro Gyroplanes talked to us about their AutoGyro and let us sit in it. Its an awesome gyroplane and I am hoping that Santa brings me one. Haha. The potluck was yummy and it was a great party.

George H W Bush funerals

The state funeral for President George H W Bush was on Wednesday December 5 in Washington, DC and on Thursday December 6 in Huston, TX. Both funerals were well done and dignified, befitting a man who lived a dignified life. Apparently Presidential funeral planning is started right after the Inauguration and updated over the years and Bush had a 211 page funeral document. Jon Meacham and President George W Bush’s speeches were the best and had the audience laughing and crying, often at the same time. Meacham had already given his speech once to George H W to see if he liked it and he did. The train ride after the funeral in Texas aboard the Union Pacific #4141 was very cool and a nice historical touch.

What stood out was how President George H W was loved and respected by family, friends, and foes. I did not agree with many of his policies while he was President, but you knew he loved the country and did what he believed was best at the time. He was the last of the Greatest Generation Presidents. I don’t believe we will have another President that would go into the military service. But for #41 and his generation it was what you did and you got on with it. Barbara was mentioned a few times during the services, but I wonder how far he would have risen without her help, support, and love. They were a wonderful team.

What was fascinating to watch was the interaction between the former Presidents and Vice Presidents and their wives. Everyone got so old. I was counting heads to see who was there and I could not find Mondale, but someone tweeted that he was there, but I never did see him. They were talking and laughing and getting along. Then you saw it all change, as if a dark, joy-killing cloud had decent upon the funeral with the arrival of Trump. Politicians sitting near and behind him were visibly glaring at him and they were not happy. The looks that Dan Quayle gave was priceless. Trump and wife #3 did not sing or participate in the service. Just shows you how rude Trump is and has no manners. He is not a gentleman. You could tell that he did not want to be there and no one wanted him to be there. All I kept thinking was that no one is going to go to Trumps funeral and no one is going to say anything nice because he is not a nice person and he will never be a beloved president like Bush H W, Bush W, Carter, Clinton, and Obama.

When President George W arrived at the funeral in DC I wondered if he would give Michelle Obama a mint or piece of candy like he did before at John McCain’s funeral, and as he was walking towards the row of Presidents I noticed his hand went into his pocket and he was ready to hand her the mint. Despite all his grief and this sad occasion, George W still wanted to make a kind lovely gesture. I now wonder with the loss of George H W, what will Bill Clinton do? Will he become closer to George W or to Obama. Will they be the three amigos and go out and play golf all the time? That would be lovely to see.

This is what has been put on the grave stone and stone foot marker:

LTJG USN 173464

JUNE 12, 1924 — NOV. 30, 2018

From the Washington Post (https://www.washingtonpost.com/history/2018/12/05/george-w-bushs-grief-his-dad-george-hw-bush-is-both-intimate-historic/?utm_term=.6230191fc6c0):

In George H.W. Bush’s final minutes, they put a phone to his. It was George W. The dying man had not spoken in hours, but the younger hoped he would hear.

“ ‘Dad,’ I said, ‘I love you. You’ve been a wonderful father,’ ” George W. recounted during his eulogy.

And the last words the 41st president ever spoke were to the 43rd, a four-word epitaph of everything they meant to each other:

“I love you, too.”



I have been printing a few T-Rex’s on the 3D printers in the library. Here are a few…

George Herbert Walker Bush

George Herbert Walker Bush (June 12, 1924 – November 30, 2018) 41st President of the United States has died at 94.


(photo from https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/30/us/politics/george-hw-bush-dies.html?smid=tw-nytimes&smtyp=cur)



(photo from https://www.cnn.com/politics/2018/04/22)

Traumatized by bubble wrap

The bubble wrap arrived today (it was protecting some lovely new books from the land of the Britons) and it was a bit traumatizing. Last week’s Doctor Who had a surprise bad guy….bubble wrap. I know. I know. It looks all innocent with its sirens call to your little fingers, but beware. Bubble wrap can be evil. First marble statues, blinking, shadows in libraries (yep that’s never a good one) and now bubble wrap. Thanks Doctor Who!

Thanksgiving 2018

Good food.

Normally in my Thanksgiving posts I say something to the effect of good food and good people, but not this time. The relatives invited someone from their side of the family, so no relation to me, and this person has a boyfriend that is a racist and he made a few racist comments. He also seemed like an abusive kind of person and was rude to his girlfriend in front of everyone. I really like my relatives so I bit my tongue and did not comment, as I did not want to create a scene in their house of which I was a guest. Well I got one comment in, but I am not sure if anyone noticed. Yes, I do have holes in my tongue from not saying anything. Oh well. Happy Thanksgiving.