Underwater exhibit

The Wangensteen Historical Library has a new Underwater exhibit that “explores humans, health, and science in watery spaces. Discover what voyagers encountered on the sea and how interactions in and around water have been the harbinger of health and illness across the centuries. Viewers will explore topics from sewage treatment and public health to ocean voyages and pharmaceuticals from the sea. Rare books in the exhibit feature striking images of aquatic natural history, various technologies, and experiences of water and health” (https://hsl.lib.umn.edu/wangensteen/exhibits-and-events/underwater).

This little beauty has arrived!

This little beauty has arrived! Thanks Patrick Rothfuss for writing such an amazing story that I now have three copies of Name of the Wind. Does one person really need three copies of the same book? Yes. But I would really like to have the 3rd volume in the series. Just saying.


Baby it’s cold outside, but I shall give you a warm home. Hmmmm bundtinis.

The new 280

Twitter changed today from 140 to 280. This is not a good thing. 140 is the perfect Twitter tweet and if you could not do it in 140 you did not need to say it. 280 will destroy worlds.

Real shoes!

I am wearing two shoes! Two new shoes! I have not worn a ‘real shoe’ on the right foot since July due to having to wear the surgical boot and the surgical shoe. Unfortunately I had to buy one size too big due to continued foot surgery swelling and I need shoes because “winter”. I thought about buying two different sizes of the same shoe (regular size and one size bigger), but figured it would just be easier to wear a thicker sock on the normal foot. Plus it will be a good excuse to wear socks that don’t match. (Insert evil laugh here). Like I ever needed an excuse to wear mismatched socks.

Flying Seminar & Silent Auction

New Minnesota 99s Chapter Chair and ‘best instructor ever’ Cheryl Daml held a “How to work with ATC and FSS as a VFR Pilot” talk this morning at the Anoka (KANE) Airport EAA Building. You could register for FAA WINGs credit, but I totally forgot to register. Oh well. After the talk there was a silent auction and ALL the proceeds went to the Minnesota 99s Women Pilots Scholarship Fund. I won a Starbucks Giftcard.