Day four after surgery or where I get das boot!

Today was my first doctors appointment after foot surgery and after four days of being forced to use crutches I was really looking forward to this appointment. First up was having some x-ray’s taken and then I saw the doctor. The doctor said that my toe/foot is healing nicely and now I get to wear the boot which will not allow any movement and will keep the toe/foot nice and safe. Not only do I get to wear the boot, starting today, but I also get to wear it for the next 8 weeks. 8 weeks! The boot is really tall, kind of heavy, I cannot drive with it, and its going to make me walk weird which will not be good for my back. But 8 weeks! And sadly the stitches did not come out today. So a good appointment overall and getting rid of the crutches was wonderful, but a bummer about the stitches and das boot.

Surgery part three!

Third time is the charm to fix my foot. Well lets hope! Fingers crossed!

Today I had surgery to remove the titanium toe joint (which was no longer working) and put in a new titanium piece with a bunch of little screws to fuse my big toe together. This is what we were trying to avoid with the two previous surgery, as there is nothing you can do after you fuse your toe together. Fusing means no movement, so no bending of the toe. So ends my dreams of being a prima ballerina, professional bowler, and wearing high heels. Haha! Actually I don’t care about these three things that require toe movement, so no great loss. I am just hoping for half the pain and half the swelling.

Surgery went well, the titanium joint basically slid out, as it was not connected to any bone, and luckily they did not have to use cadaver bone or take my own bone out to fill in the joint hole. Here I was worried about becoming part zombie for nothing. One cool thing I did notice was that almost the entire surgical team was female! Awesome!

Book Talk with Melissa Aho – Episode 2 (07/26/17): Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Book Talk with Melissa Aho – Episode 2 (07/26/17): Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone











Do you remember what you were reading 20 years ago? Were you reading about Harry, Hermione, and Hogwarts? Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone turns 20 years old this year. Happy birthday Harry! In this episode, we will discuss ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ aka ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (paperback)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Kindle)

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Gryffindor Edition (Hardcover)

Book Talk with Melissa Aho

I published my first podcast today Book Talk with Melissa Aho! In this Episode 1, I interview librarian Susan Wakefield. Please join us as we discuss books, publishing, libraries, and reading. Happy reading!



These are the books discussed in this episode (just click on the link to find the book or the Kindle title):


Defective titanium toe joint implant

I’m still having lots of foot pain and swelling when I walk, so I asked my regular doctor if I could get a second opinion from a new podiatrist (I still like my old podiatrist, but a fresh perspective is always good) about the foot and she said yes, but I should be aware that feet are difficult so I shouldn’t expect too much. So my foot appointment was today and I had some new x-rays taken and then meet with the new podiatrist. Guess what he found? My titanium toe joint implant is defective/malfunctioned and I only had it for two years. TWO YEARS! Looking at old photos from this time last year (aka May 2016) show none of the damage we are now seeing. So it all happened sometime in the past year. Fantastic. The foot will never get better. The pain and swelling will never go away. So my new options are 1) do nothing and live with the pain, 2) get a new implant and try again, but its going to have to be bigger due to the damage of the last one and it has less of a chance to succeed, and 3) fusing the toe together. Fusion is a last ditch effort and it was something we hoped to avoid during the past two surgery’s. But that’s what we are going to have to do now. You can see the damage in the photos. Notice all the dark space around the implant, which is being caused by the implant shimmying and destroying the bone around the implant as I walk. Also notice the little shark fin bone spur which has now grown over the implant. So surgery this summer, which will be #3 in the past 5 years for those that are counting. Bipedalism sucks!

New book review!

My newest book review (my 126th book review) was just published:

Melissa Aho. 2017. Review of Jonathan Faiers & Mary Westerman, editors, “Colors in Fashion.” Library Journal, 142, no. 10 (June 1): 110.

Flying to St. Paul

Its been a while since I have been able to fly due to one thing or another, so today Cheryl and I flew to the St. Paul Downtown Airport/Holman Field (KSTP). There were a few planes in the pattern doing various things and KSTP has some weird runways and the river is right there. So while I was trying to land on Runway 14, a bigger plane was still on the Runway 14 waiting for clearance, so we had to land at on Runway 13 instead, while the bigger plane was still sitting on 14! It was wild and that landing was a bit stressful. Because its the Downtown Airport you cannot go very high due to the MPS Airport, so I was flying at 2,000 AGL, and you have all sorts of buildings in your view and the river and its not my normal airport. I did get one nice photo of the capital, we flew right over it, but I was a bit busy to take any other photos (Cheryl took control of the airplane as I took the photos, as flying and photo taking do not mix). Then it was back to Anoka, where I had a totally awesome landing! Landings are hard, but kind of important, so it was nice to get a few in.