41st Annual Air Race Classic

41st Annual Air Race Classic
“Blazing Trails in the Sky – Frederick to Santa Fe”

4 days, 2600+ miles, 9 high-speed flybys..
Bemidji Regional Airport (KBJI) – Bemidji, MN

I have arrived in Bemidji! Only took over 5 hours. Google maps said 3.5, but I guess it did not take account of getting lost and ending up by Camp Ripley and a few pit stops for gas, bathroom breaks, and I just needed to stop and stretch the back.

A few racers have already come and gone at Bemidji before I arrived, including Minnesota 99 Tracy Lovness. Tracy was the first racer here! Congrats Tracy. The Minnesota 99s were given bandannas, made in Bemidji, so that they know that we are official volunteers. The airport is doing a wonderful job with race and providing food and transportation for the racers.

We have a tent on the side of the taxiway so that we can time the racers as they come in at 200 feet above the runway.

Flying to St. Paul

Its been a while since I have been able to fly due to one thing or another, so today Cheryl and I flew to the St. Paul Downtown Airport/Holman Field (KSTP). There were a few planes in the pattern doing various things and KSTP has some weird runways and the river is right there. So while I was trying to land on Runway 14, a bigger plane was still on the Runway 14 waiting for clearance, so we had to land at on Runway 13 instead, while the bigger plane was still sitting on 14! It was wild and that landing was a bit stressful. Because its the Downtown Airport you cannot go very high due to the MPS Airport, so I was flying at 2,000 AGL, and you have all sorts of buildings in your view and the river and its not my normal airport. I did get one nice photo of the capital, we flew right over it, but I was a bit busy to take any other photos (Cheryl took control of the airplane as I took the photos, as flying and photo taking do not mix). Then it was back to Anoka, where I had a totally awesome landing! Landings are hard, but kind of important, so it was nice to get a few in.


MN 99s Chapter meeting at Mora

The Minnesota 99s had their spring Chapter meeting today (Saturday March 18, 2017) at the Mora Airport (KJMR) in Mora, Minnesota. We also had a fantastic weather presentation by Natasha Stenbock, pilot, member of the Minnesota 99s, and broadcast meteorologist. Thanks Natasha!

Faribault Municipal Airport – Liz Wall Strohfus Field!

The wonderful WASP and MN 99s Liz Wall Strohfus is being honored by the city of Faribault. Tonight with a “unanimous vote from the Faribault City Council on Tuesday night makes the new name official as Faribault’s airport is now called, “Faribault Municipal Airport – Liz Wall Strohfus Field.” Liz died almost a year ago and she will be the first WASP to have an airport named after them. A wonderful tribute to a wonderful lady.

Read about it here:

New publication!

Two new short articles in the latest edition of the Waypoint, one with happy news and one with sad news:

“Minnesota Chapter News.” Waypoint: North Central Section, The Ninety-Nines, Inc. Vol. 7, Issue 3, (Winter 2016/2017): 31-32.

“New Horizons: Patricia Emberg.” Waypoint: North Central Section, The Ninety-Nines, Inc. Vol. 7, Issue 3, (Winter 2016/2017): 32.