Easter. I arrived a few minutes late so there was no waiting for food, as the feeding frenzy was over. Great food, but sadly no dessert. Then it was off to work, as the library was open normal hours on this bunny holiday.

Library visiting

I visited Magrath Library today for a meeting and came across some unique library items (plus they also had real newspapers – the StarTrib and the Pioneer Press! How awesome that they are allowed to get the newspaper, as some libraries don’t):

Gardening Kits with seeds

And the lovely Claudette who has seen Beauty and the Beast one too many times. Apparently her outfits change to match the season or the event!


An lovely new book on THE CARD CATALOG by The Library of Congress has arrived during #NationalLibraryWeek and purchased with some of my birthday Amazon.com gift card. Its very beautiful and fun and it even comes with its own checkout card! Not that I would ever loan it out, but still fun to have. What other wonders await inside this book?