Foot update

Another day, another doctors appointment. Took some new X-rays, which is always fun. The foot is healing nicely, but not as quickly as I would like or hope. Still lots of pain and swelling, especially at the end of the day which apparently is normal and might also be from all the tissue damage from the past surgeries. If it continues to heal and there are no issues I should be able to get rid of the boot in about 4ish weeks, which would actually be a total of 8 weeks.

New book review

My latest book review has been published and its Robert Twigger’s “White Mountain”! He is a wonderful travel writer, you know the type- brilliant and snarky, and so when his book arrived so I was very excited to read it. Its a fun trip around the Himalayas Mountains and I liked it so much I gave it a starred review.

Review of Robert Twigger, “White Mountain: A Cultural Adventure Through the Himalayas.”Library Journal, 142, no. 13 (August): 108.

10 year anniversary gift

My 10 year anniversary gift from working at the UMN has arrived, as my official anniversary date was August 1. I found it in the library mailing area and I suspect that its been sitting there for 1+ weeks before I hiked up one level to check if it was there. You would have thought that with my limited mobility someone in my department might have brought it down to my office, but I guess not. So the list of items to pick from for 10 years were pretty limited with choices being: a sweatshirt, t-shirt, golf balls, a flag, and some drinking glasses. I picked the sweatshirt.

Foot update

Another doctors appointment today. The foot is doing well and I was able to get my stitches out. Now that the swelling is going down its noticeable that my toe is now shorter than it once was. Weird, but really who cares. Its just a toe. I was also told that I can use the shorter boot/shoe when I am home and the big boot when I am out of the house. Progress!