PSA from The Librarians


There were reporters taking photos and video (actually everyone (including me) was busy taking photos, videos, voice recordings, and Google glass recordings) during the NASA Social Media event this week, so I did not pay too much attention to them, but the photos, video, and articles are being published!

The first, “NASA’s aviation ‘open house’ for social media,” was published on November 19th, 2014 by CNN Travel. If you look closely you can see me (well, various body parts) in four different photos (in the other photos I am either just out of the photo frame by like an inch or standing behind someone). To find me, just click on the image and see the arrow pointing to Melissa.

(All photos above from

The second is also by CNN Travel, “You’re flying with NASA and you don’t even know it” and it was posted on November 20th, 2014. It shows the previous photo gallery, but it also shows a Twitter tweet by Paul Willett and I am in the photo!

(Photo from

Finally, today ‘This Week @NASA’ had a segment on the NASA Social Media event and if you look closely and don’t blink, you can see me at the 0:20 mark.

You can see the video here and I have also embedded it here:

Garth Brooks!

Last night (aka Saturday and into the early hours of Sunday) was Garth Brooks night! Mom, Janet, Dave, and I went to the 10:30pm last show of Garth Brooks in Minnesota. I had a few friends who went earlier in the week, he was in MN for 11 shows, and said he was wonderful and he was. The Saturday night show did not actually start until 11:30pm, but it lasted until 2am (so it was a bit short at 2.5 hours). We had nosebleed seats, but they were not too bad, except Garth’s people put the lights and speakers right in front of the big screen, so you could not see the screen very well. It was also lightly snowing, there was a lot of traffic downtown, and not too susprising, there were a lot of drunk rednecks out and about from the 6:30pm concert and our 10:30pm concert, so it made for an interesting night. It was also fun to see Trisha Yearwood perform (both on her own and with Garth) as well. I guess what I liked best about the concert was that he sang lots of old songs, songs you have known for years and years. A fun night.


Today was all about the butterflies. The original plan was to go with my favorite niece and nephew (and their Mom) to see the butterflies and the Omnitheater theater at the Science Museum of Minnesota, but one of the kids got sick (and this aunt draws the line at vomiting children), so they had to stayed home. As the tickets were non-refundable, I twisted my Mom’s arm to go with me. She was not overly thrilled to go, but she was a good sport about going, which was good as the museum was crazy busy with tons of people and kids. Our first stop was the Butterfly House to see the live butterflies and it was hot, humid, smelly, and loud due to yelling kids. It was fun to see all the butterflies and have them flying all around you and on you, but it was also very sad that you never see that many butterflies in the wild anymore. Then it was off to watch the Omnitheater film ‘Flight of the Butterflies’ which is about the monarch butterfly migration. It was a good film and we had a fun time with the butterflies.

Liz Strohfus stories

A few WASP Liz Strohfus stories from her surprise 95th birthday party on November 2nd, 2014. Unfortunate I did was not quick enough to get video of her naming off the various WWII planes she flew and I did not get video of her telling the story of how one of the WASPs was basically murdered by male members of the US military when they put sand in her fuel tank, because they did not want women to fly (and how Jackie Cochran browbeat the women into not saying anything by scaring them with the ‘you will be sent home’ line, so no one was every prosecuted) or how live ammo was ‘accidentally’ placed on the male training airplanes and shot at the female pilots, because the male pilots ‘accidentally’ missed their targets. All very appalling behavior for ‘The Greatest Generation,’ but sadly not too surprising given the times. Nevertheless, Liz is a great storyteller and had us laughing for hours.

Nicky and Matt’s Wedding!

Saturday was the wedding of my friends Nicky and Matt! It was the most causal wedding (well reception, the wedding was sneakily done before everyone showed up) I have ever been to (when someones grandma changes into shorts, you know its a casual affair). It was out in the boondocks of Wisconsin on a relatives farm and it really was over the river and through the woods. It was 90+ with a beautiful breeze, which was good as it was all outside. There were tacos for dinner, a DJ playing songs that everyone knew (including the couples dance ‘Rainbow Connection’ by Kermit the Frog), s’mores in lieu of a cake, dancing under the twinkle lights, and camping. It was a great wedding!

Vine (yes, I know the video is at an odd angle) first dance to ‘Rainbow Connection’ by Kermit the Frog