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Che vs mechanical fishy

Che vs mechanical fishy. Fishy wins.

Nicky and Matt’s Wedding!

Saturday was the wedding of my friends Nicky and Matt! It was the most causal wedding (well reception, the wedding was sneakily done before everyone showed up) I have ever been to (when someones grandma changes into shorts, you know its a casual affair). It was out in the boondocks of Wisconsin on a relatives […]


Cute photo and Vine of Che, because the internet does not have enough cute cat images.

Friday, July 12 – Brussels

Friday, July 12   Morning Start –Breakfast at Marriott Courtyard Hotel.  Hours: 6:30-10:30 AM.   Daily Event –Lecture and interactive discussion with European Muslim Network members. –Site: Muslim Network Headquarters, Brussels. –Address: Trois Arbres 16b, Brussels Conference room at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel –Directions: TBA. –Time: 9am –Dress Code: Business attire. –Speaker: European Muslim Network […]

Tuesday, July 9 – Brussels

Tuesday, July 9   Morning Start –Breakfast at Marriott Courtyard Hotel.  Hours: 6:30-10:30 AM. –Meet in lobby at 8 AM for departure to European Union Economic and Social Committee Headquarters.   Daily Event — Visit to European Union Economic and Social Committee for briefings and discussions. –Site: European Union Economic and Social Committe Headquarters, Brussels. –Address: Rue Belliard 99, […]

Monday, July 8 – Brussels

Monday, July 8   Morning Start –Breakfast at Marriott Courtyard Hotel.  Hours: 6:30-10:30 AM. –Meet in lobby at 7:30 AM for departure to European Commission Headquarters.   Daily Event –Visit to European Commission for briefings and discussions. –Site: European Commission Headquarters, Brussels. –Address: 18 Rue van Maerlant, Brussels –Directions: Metro to Maalbeek Station. –Dress Code: Business attire. –Time: 9 AM. […]

Sunday, July 7 – Paris – Brussels

Sunday, July 7 – Paris – Brussels   Arrival in Brussels  –Students arrive in Brussels and check in Hotel Arrangements for nights of Sunday, July 7-Friday, July 12 –Meals: Breakfast provided every morning.   Sadly today was my last day in Paris. A visit to the Musee d’Orsay was attempted, but do to the huge crowds […]

Saturday, July 6 – Paris

This morning was the Louvre tour! The tour was “Skip the Line: Louvre Museum Walking Tour including Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa” by Viator and it lasted around 3 hours. The crowds were crazy! People everywhere. While there were lots of people in the building, our tour had 4 people, plus the guide and […]

Friday, July 5 – Paris!

Arrival in Pairs via train! Found our taxi, only to be in the taxi a few minutes before it slammed on its brakes and I went flying. I had a seat belt on, but the seat was not latched property and I went flying. Checked into the hotel, did some laundry (you know your an […]

Thursday, July 4 – Munich – Paris!

Taking the night train to Paris! This is the official propaganda for The City Night Train: “The City Night Line overnight train allows you to make the most of your time during your European holiday. You’ll save daylight for sightseeing by traveling overnight, as well as the cost of a hotel room. And you’ll arrive […]