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Shiny new passport

My new passport has arrived! While it was a 2+ hour ordeal with stops at 2 different DMVs and 2 Post Offices, it only took 2 weeks for it to arrive (they told me 4-6). Sadly I have nowhere to go, but its always good to be prepared.

New Years Eve Fireworks 2016

Braving the elements (21 degrees, but it feels like a balmy 12 at 7pm) I ventured forth to see the neighbors set off fireworks. We ooh and ahh at the lovely display which had been planned since the 5th of July when they are a reasonable 50-75% off. Happy New Years Eve!

The Mad Hatter Christmas Tea

Today was a very fun Christmas Tea at The Mad Hatter with Mom. We ordered the Divine Temple tea which is a blend of mango, papaya, pineapple, strawberry, and red current. The Christmas Tea had four courses: the salad, the scone, the savory, and the dessert. We finished with the Mad Hatter House Blend with […]

The American Presidential debates

The American Presidential debates #Debates2016 Hillary did very well, despite being interrupted so many times by the sniffer. It will be nice to see a woman president in the White House.

Boreas Non-Profit Structures Workshop

Today was the Boreas Non-Profit Structures Workshop and it was excellent. Besides Boreas Director Kate Knuth, there were two speakers who work in the non-profit world: Dania Miwa and Mike Harley. Here is the official blurb: “The non-profit sector is the source of a lot of environmental leadership. But what exactly is the non-profit sector? […]

Lunch with the Neowhovian

I had lunch today with my friend Marcia aka The Neowhovian. Besides being a librarian, instructor, scholar and all around very cool lady, Marcia runs a Doctor Who blog, has participated on Doctor Who conference panels, and has published two books on her Whovian adventures. Check out her blog at

The flying gene?

Since I was a little girl I have wanted to fly and I loved reading about Amelia, Pancho, and Beryl and their flying, but I am a pilot in a family of non-pilots. So where does this quest to fly come from? I grew up near an airport, but I could not see it (we […]

IDV Day #1

Day One of the USM IDV PhD In-Person. As usual it started early, but not as early as it has in the past. I had no classes today, so it was an easy day. At the funding talk, Dr. Harper said, and I quote, “Librarians are your friends”! As was to be expected that got […]

A shoe, a shoe, my kingdom for a shoe!

Well perhaps not a kingdom, but I might give up my sister (haha, just kidding) to be able to wear a normal shoe again. So today is week 7 since my surgery and the swelling is still going down. I can now slide my foot into a Croc shoe, but that’s as far as I […]

PhD Orientation

Today was Orientation day for my PhD program at the University of Southern Mississippi. I had arrived in Mississippi (with a stopover in Memphis which sadly had no Elvis sightings…also no Bubba Elvis sightings either) yesterday. The flight was nice, delayed about 40 minutes, but otherwise uneventful. I did have some issue with my luggage. […]