Falcon Heavy

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy lifted off today. It would have been better to be in Florida, but I live-streamed from the comfort of my computer and it was still amazing and beautiful. And the two boosters landing at the same time? Wickedly cool. A truly historic flight. Plus there is now a little red car floating in space on its way to Mars.

Super Blue Blood Moon

This morning was the Super Blue Blood Moon! I set the alarm for 6am, bundled up as it was 28 degrees and falling outside, and almost slipped on ice which was now covered up under the fresh snow. I saw snowplows going by and the neighbor leaving for work. It was so calm and crisp for this triple moon: Blood Moon, Super Moon, & Eclipse. It was pretty amazing watching the moon go into eclipse even if there were too many trees in my backyard. I was outside for almost an hour and it was so cold that a few times my eyes started to tear up. My last photo before I want inside to a warm house to feed the cats (and go back to sleep), found the sun rising and my clothing choices becoming apparent.

Goodbye Cassini

Every time we see Saturn in the night sky, we’ll remember. We’ll smile and we’ll want to go back. 13 amazing years exploring the planet with @CassiniSaturn #GrandFinale #GoodbyeCassini #Cassini. All images are from @NASA. The blue dot is us, so small and alone in the universe. The middle photograph is the last image Cassini took. The third and fourth photos just shows off the beautiful rings.






SpaceX makes History!

A beautiful nighttime launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 (its been a big couple of days for various Falcon spaceships around the galaxy), as it took off in from Cape Canaveral, Florida, separated into two parts (the cargo was 11 communications satellites destined for low-Earth orbit which flew on to deploy a couple of minutes later), and then returned safely to the launchpad on Earth. Finally a fully reusable vehicle!!! Or in the words of Bad Astronomy’s Phil Plait “space history was made. For the first time the first stage of a rocket came back from helping boost a payload to orbit and landed vertically back at the launch site” (http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2015/12/21/spacex_successfully_re_lands_a_rocket_booster_after_a_launch.html).

Happy Solstice!




Then there was the hysterically snarky tweets between between competing space company’s CEO’s @elonmusk and @jeffbezos.

(Photos and Tweets: @ORBCOMM_Inc, @SpaceX, @elonmusk, @JeffBezos)