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A guide to this years Christmas card

A guide to this years Christmas card: 1. My first short story: “The Personal Diary of Mrs. Martha Hudson, Housekeeper to the Famed Detective Sherlock Holmes” published in The Norwegian Explorers 2016 Christmas Annual, No. 15: The Miss Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 2. Back to flying – first time in over a year 3. Visiting the […]


The Supermoon was not looking very super when I saw it around 830pm (see photo) and then later around midnight. Bright, very bright, but just an average size. Not that there is anything wrong with an average moon, but sometimes I think it would be much nicer to have a few moons in orbit. #supermoon2016

Happy International Archaeology Day!

In my previous life I was as an archaeologist. I went to school to study archaeology, visited archaeological sites, did laboratory work (cleaning and processing artifacts), went on digs as a student, volunteer, intern, and even for a short time a paid archaeologist. I even have my own trowel (no its not sonic)! In honor […]

The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes

Take a Selfie with Sherlock! Just one item at a new exhibit that I was able to visit this past Wednesday August 17 at the University of Minnesota’s Anderson Library “The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes,” which tells visitors that “Not everyone is perfect, including the world’s most famous consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes. This exhibition highlights […]

Carl J. and Dorothy L. Aho Photograph Collection, ca. 1940s

My dad donated a bunch of old photographs in his and my uncle’s name to the Alaska and Polar Regions Collections at the University of Alaska Fairbanks- Rasmuson Library back in the 1990s. The photographs are: “The Carl J. and Dorothy L Aho Photograph Collection consists of seventy-one black and white photographs. Images include aerial […]

Happy World UFO Day!

Happy World UFO Day! Yes, there really is a holiday for everything!


Watching the Chippendale dance tonight with the ladies tonight! Not as sleazy as I thought it was going to be, but the “B” team must have been performing in Minnesota as their choreography seemed a bit lacking.

The toe

Now that life has settled down a bit and I actually have some free time, I finally got around to seeing the podiatrist again. I am at the 9 month mark since I had toe surgery and it still hurts to walk and my foot still swells up everyday. Good news is that the titanium […]

Doctor Madeline Messick

My friend Madeline, whom I met the first day of my PhD program (along with J and Issam), successfully defended her dissertation “Natural Disasters In Latin America: The Role of Disaster Type and Productive Sector On The Urban-Rural Income Gap and Rural To Urban Migration” today! I purchased a Congratulations PhD Graduation card for her […]

I Passed!!! PhD Comprehensive Oral Exam

Today was my 90 Minutes PhD Comprehensive Oral Exam. April 28th, 2016 8:00 a.m. until 9:30 a.m It was a crazy day! I got less than 3 hours of sleep (not a good sleeper I was trying for 6 hours, but could not fall asleep), so I was not moving too quickly this morning. The […]