Underwater exhibit

The Wangensteen Historical Library has a new Underwater exhibit that “explores humans, health, and science in watery spaces. Discover what voyagers encountered on the sea and how interactions in and around water have been the harbinger of health and illness across the centuries. Viewers will explore topics from sewage treatment and public health to ocean voyages and pharmaceuticals from the sea. Rare books in the exhibit feature striking images of aquatic natural history, various technologies, and experiences of water and health” (https://hsl.lib.umn.edu/wangensteen/exhibits-and-events/underwater).

New book review

My latest book review has been published and its Robert Twigger’s “White Mountain”! He is a wonderful travel writer, you know the type- brilliant and snarky, and so when his book arrived so I was very excited to read it. Its a fun trip around the Himalayas Mountains and I liked it so much I gave it a starred review.

Review of Robert Twigger, “White Mountain: A Cultural Adventure Through the Himalayas.”Library Journal, 142, no. 13 (August): 108.



EQS 2017

Enhancing Quality Staff in Changing Times:

The 25th symposium for library paraprofessionals and support staff presented by the University of Minnesota Libraries
May 23, 2017
Continuing Education and Conference Center
St. Paul Campus, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Another year, another EQS. The EQS (Enhancing Quality Staff) in Changing Times Symposium is for University of Minnesota library staff and library staff from other universities and public libraries that want to attend. Basically its an all day conference for the library staff. This is my 9th EQS and they have all been fun. Sadly no prize wins this year (but I have a friend who has now won 4 years in a row), but I did attend some very interesting talks and one of my talks was cancelled.


First talk of the day: ‘Free tools to help manage big messy projects’ with Ben Wiggins.

‘Two Efforts at Reaching Patrons Experiencing Homelessness’ by Chris Ruiz and Kyle Orcholski










‘Ex Libris: Bookplates and Other Marks of Possession’ by Margaret Borg



Fee libraries bag of the libraries!
Cake vs ice cream the ultimate battle! EQS snacks.

‘Google Search – Advanced Search Tricks, Limits & Teaching Tips’ by Nancy Herther
Monopoly chocolate! The best talks bribe their audiences.

‘The Nuts and Bolts of Insect Illustration’ by Dr. Ralph Holzenthal

My Google Scholar profile was used in a talk today: “Online Identity- Do’s and Don’ts” by Kristen Mastel and Caitlin Bakker. I wasn’t there to see the presentation, as I was attending another talk, but I’m sure it was awesome! I was asked last week if they could use it in their presentation as a “Do” and I said sure. Thanks for photo Kristen!

Library visiting

I visited Magrath Library today for a meeting and came across some unique library items (plus they also had real newspapers – the StarTrib and the Pioneer Press! How awesome that they are allowed to get the newspaper, as some libraries don’t):

Gardening Kits with seeds

And the lovely Claudette who has seen Beauty and the Beast one too many times. Apparently her outfits change to match the season or the event!


An lovely new book on THE CARD CATALOG by The Library of Congress has arrived during #NationalLibraryWeek and purchased with some of my birthday Amazon.com gift card. Its very beautiful and fun and it even comes with its own checkout card! Not that I would ever loan it out, but still fun to have. What other wonders await inside this book?

LibTech 2017

Today (Thursday March 16) I attended LibTech (Library Technology Conference) 2017, which was held at Macalester College. While it was a Wednesday and Thursday conference, I just wanted to attended Thursday’s session as I was interested in seeing the Keynote speaker Patrick Meier. Meier’s area of expertise is in Humanitarian Technology and Innovation, such as working with drones, and I wanted to get his fantastic book autographed (he also has a blog where he discusses his work: https://iRevolutions.org/). I also attended the talks on: “Mapping a Tornado Tragedy: A Crowdsoucing Case Study” by Melody Dworak, “Emerging Technologies: A Task? A Specialty in Librarianship? For Now, the Answer Appears to be, “Yes.”” by Mary O’Dea, and “Enriching Student Learning with Data Visualization” by the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University Libraries. The data viz presentation on the software (Tableau), was probably the most interesting talk after the one by Meier. Lunch was a taco bar, which is always fun, and it was great to run into and talk to a lot of librarians I know, but have not seen in a long time.