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Archive for 'Islamic Art'

Dr Renata Holod Lecture

Tonight I braved the cold (19 degrees) was able to attend a lecture by Dr. Renata Holod on “On Regimes of Lighting: Vision & Memory in the Great Mosque of Cordoba.” She was at the UMN for The 3rd Annual Carl Sheppard Memorial Lecture in Medieval Art History. It was a really interesting lecture on […]

Chapter just published!

A book chapter I wrote awhile back has just been published! Well, apparently it came out in February 2014, but I never received my copy from the publisher (my copy is suppose to be in the mail as I type this). So I tired to ILL it at the library and the UMN decided to […]

Busy Monday

Today I attended a talk/discussion called “Recapturing & Reconfiguring Contemporary Islam in SE Asia: Contemporary Islam Indonesia: Cultural Reconfiguration in Performing Arts.” I do not know that much about Islam in Indonesia, so it was an interesting discussion. Unfortunately it was only 1 1/2 hours long, so some of the speakers were not able to […]

Jonathan Bloom lecture

Today I was able to attend a lecture by Islamic Art Historian Jonathan Bloom. He was speaking on “Color in Islamic Art and Culture.” It was an interesting talk about the perception or construct of color in the Islamic world (ex: green = good, which everyone knows; red and yellow = bad, well sometimes, etc). […]

University of St. Thomas and my MA Qualifying Paper

The University of St. Thomas Library finally got around to cataloging my Master of Arts in Art History Qualifying Paper (aka Thesis). I graduated back in May of 2009, so its only taken them 8 months (yes, I have been looking for it in the library catalog)! Not too bad. Here is what the record […]

Five days, two lectures, and one flight to Forest Lake

Its been a pretty busy past few days. Today (11/10/09) I flew (with help from Instructor Steve) from the Anoka County Airport to the Forest Lake Airport (which is located right next to a corn field!). Once there we did some hovering, landings and takeoffs and then headed back. If you drive it- its about […]

MN Chapter of the SAH Fourth Annual Student Symposium

The Minnesota Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians Fourth Annual Student Symposium September 26, 2009, 8:30a.m.-1:00p.m. Free and open to the public! Location: Owens Science Hall (OWS) and O’Shaughnessy Science Hall (OSS), University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN (checkout the map if you are planning on attending, as these buildings are hard to […]

Graduate Student Forum, Part 2

So the big event has come and gone. Thank goodness! My talk on “Masjid An-Nur: Building Meaning in a Minnesota Mosque” went well. I talked a bit fast (13 minutes total talk time, I had a total available of 15 minutes. I was so nervous I dont know if I even smiled!), but people seems […]

Graduate Student Forum

Map making

I made a very cool series of maps today, from 2008 to 1991. Well…making them in the loosest sense of the word. The GIS was already done and I just found the building that I needed (a mosque) for a couple of different years and then selected the layers that I wanted. The only tricky […]