The Millennium Falcon

I have been meaning to try out the 3D printers at work and final got the chance today. In a galaxy of items to make, what did I pick? The ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs! Yes, the Millennium Falcon. The material is made from corn, there are 651 layers, and the total print time was 7 hours 10 minutes.

Dead Pool 2017

The prizes and trophies were awarded yesterday (Saturday January 6, 2018) at the annual Minnesota Dead Pool party. Congrats to Josh and Derek for winning this year and for Janet and Dave for coming in 2nd and 3rd! Sadly, I was a non-winner this year. Great party Sloane and Derek!

The final standings were as follows:

The 2017 Janet St Martin Sweepstakes
1st – Derek – Board 1
2nd – Janet – Board 3
3rd – Dave – Board 2

The 2017 Terry Aho Memorial Draft Pool
Winner – Josh
Runner Up – Derek

Princess Diana

Twenty years ago today Princess Diana died. Wow it seems like yesterday. I remember getting up early to watch her wedding with the twin and also getting up early to her funeral. So very sad. #PrincessDiana #Diana20

Women’s March

The historic Women’s March on Washington DC and around the world took place today to protest the new President. Washington DC had over 1 million people and St. Paul had around 100,000. Amazing numbers.



The Inauguration was not supposed to turn out this way. I am sure that there is an alternative timeline/parallel universe out there where Hillary Clinton became our first female president. Sadly it was not my universe. Hopefully sometime in my life I will see a female president of the United States. Until then we are stuck with the orange dude for -4 years and counting down. I spent a little time watching the craziness and tiny crowds on TV and then I went to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Nothing like Star Wars to help take the pain away.

The last day of the Obama presidency

The last full day of the Obama presidency. 8 years of no drama Obama. Some of the last tweets on from the Obama presidency on Twitter.

(Accessed 1/19/2017

(Some of Obama’s last Tweets as POTUS. Tweeted January 19, 2017, Accessed 1/19/2017


(Some of Obama’s last Tweets. January 1 and January 10, 2017, Accessed 1/19/2017

(Accessed 1/19/2017

(Michelle Obama last Tweet as FLOTUS. Tweeted January 18, 2017,Accessed 1/19/2017

(Accessed 1/19/2017

(Biden last Tweet as VP. Tweeted January 19, 2017, Accessed 1/19/2017

(Previous Biden Tweet. Tweeted August 6, 2016, Accessed 1/19/2017

(Accessed 1/19/2017

(Some of the last Obama White House Tweets. Tweeted January 19, 2017, Accessed 1/19/2017