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Archive for 'History'

Back to the Future Day!

Today is Back to the Future Day! Where on October 21, 2015 at 4:29 PM PST Marty McFly and Doc Brown went back to the future! But are we living in the future? No. Because I don’t have a hoverboard. Its all about the hoverboards! The internet, social media, regular media, Time lords and companions, […]

Queen Elizabeth II longest reigning British Monarch!

Today HM Queen Elizabeth II has officially become the longest reigning British Monarch with 63 years or 23,226 days and has had more than 30 corgis! #longestreign (Images and Tweets courtesy of @BritishMonarchy, BBC News/BBC Radio/Getty, @cabinetofficeuk, @clarencehouse, @BBCNews, @michaelfrost6)

Happy Magna Carta Day!

The Magna Carta turns a young 800 years old today! That’s one hell of a long life for a rather interesting document. Originally planned as a peace treaty between the barons of England vs. evil King John (yes, he really was a psycho) and involving the Church (everyone was Catholic at this time) who deliberately […]

Lincoln Assassination 150th Anniversary

Today marks the 150th Anniversary of President Lincoln’s assassination. The internet and social media had been posting items all day and tonight there was a special at Fords Theatre “Now He Belongs to the Ages: A Lincoln Commemoration” which you could stream live on the internet. Here is the blurb: “PBS NewsHour will livestream Ford’s […]

National Air and Space Museum!

After the social ended there was time to look around the National Air and Space Museum and it was amazing! I didn’t know where to look as there were airplanes and space items everywhere. Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Vega was my favorite item and its really the most beautiful airplane. Did I mention the gift shop […]

Finland! Oh my Finland!

Elmer L. Andersen Library Atrium Gallery at the UMN currently has a little exhibit (there was also a symposium which I did not attend) on Finnish immigration to Minnesota and being Finnish, it was nice to see something on Finnish Minnesota history (there was even a blurb on ‘the sauna’!). Overall it was a bit […]

Rock the Vote!

I was #166 to vote in my city! My Mom was #327 and the sister has not told me what number she was yet. I love voting! Democracy in action!

The Prize

The Center for Medieval Studies at the U of MN has a weekly newsletter and trivia contest (they also have some great weekly lectures). Every week I try and find the answer to the trivia contest. Some weeks I answer it and some I do not, as sometimes they ask really obscure questions. So when […]

‘World Map of Tunuslu Hajji Ahmed’ Lecture

This afternoon I attended a lecture by Dr. Giancarlo Casale on “World Map of Tunuslu Hajji Ahmed Lecture” aka “Visions of Europe and Empire in a 16th Century Ottoman World Map” (as the lecture was publicized) and it was much more interesting than the various names let on. Apparently back in 1569 Hajji Ahmed created […]

Trip to the Ramsey County Historical Society

Yesterday I went to the Ramsey County Historical Society in St. Paul, to try and finish up a little research I have been doing on Minnesota synagogues (yes, first mosques and now synagogues. Minnesota is a culturally diverse place!). The RCHS is located in the Landmark Center (a beautiful old building and its on the […]