Dead Pool 2017

The prizes and trophies were awarded yesterday (Saturday January 6, 2018) at the annual Minnesota Dead Pool party. Congrats to Josh and Derek for winning this year and for Janet and Dave for coming in 2nd and 3rd! Sadly, I was a non-winner this year. Great party Sloane and Derek!

The final standings were as follows:

The 2017 Janet St Martin Sweepstakes
1st – Derek – Board 1
2nd – Janet – Board 3
3rd – Dave – Board 2

The 2017 Terry Aho Memorial Draft Pool
Winner – Josh
Runner Up – Derek

Christmas Eve 2017, part 3

Christmas Eve 2017, part 3

In Iceland people participated in Jolabokaflod, the “Christmas Book Flood,” where on Christmas Eve, everyone opens their presents (aka books) and spends the rest of the night reading. Think about it, a county where the default Christmas gift is a book. So here is my reading selection for Christmas Eve and also drinking hot coco just like the Icelanders do.

Christmas Eve 2017

Christmas Eve 2017 at Steve and Sue’s house.

p.s. I had to work on this Christmas Eve Sunday until 6pm. Dinner was at 5pm.

Christmas with the kids

Christmas came a little early on this Festivus night with a little celebrating with my favorite niece Louisa and nephew Julian, my Mom’s favorite daughter Sloane, and Mom. This year’s Christmas book for the kids is an autographed copy of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay’ signed by MinaLima aka Miraphora Mina & Eduardo Lima, the fantastic graphic designers from the Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beast movies. I also got them one of those paper airplanes that you build, the Fantastic Beasts movie, and an Infinity Cube Fidget toy. I received some Fanny Farmer candy (who knew that they still existed) and some foaming hand soap!

Flannel! Terry would be proud.

Sloane, Mom’s favorite daughter, gave her this very sharp pizza cutter. Guess what daughter will be driving her to the ER?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Ah.. Star Wars! Nothing but Star Wars! Gimme those Star Wars.. don’t let them end!

Just home from Star Wars: The Last Jedi a little after 2am (the movie started at 11:15pm on December 14pm, 2017). I thought it was excellent and funny, but I have been saying that about all the movies since the original. My mom went with me to the movie and she thought it was good, but not her favorite. People clapped at the beginning of the movie and people clapped the end and there was a Jedi in the audience. It was that kind of crowd. That is all I will say on the matter. No spoilers.

All Hallows Read

Celebrating Neil @neilhimself Gaiman’s ‘All Hallows Read’ with a unicorn and Spider-Man! So this year Louisa received “Phoebe and Her Unicorn” by Dana Simpson and Julian received “Ninja Farts: Silent But Deadly” by J.B. O’Neil. Its a good thing that the niece and nephew like books. Happy All Hallows Read! #AllHallowsRead