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Archive for 'Family'

Dead Pool Party 2017

Today was the 2017 Dead Pool Party! Continuing my tradition of not winning I received the traditional wooden spoon for my one board with no hits. Otherwise it was a great party with some wonderful food. This years winners: The 2016 Janet St Martin Sweepstakes 1st – Derek – Board 1 2nd – Josh 3rd […]

New Years Day

New Years Day with the family – Mom and my sister Michelle

Great Uncle Johnny

My Great Uncle Johnny Briski died this week. He was my Grandma Kay’s youngest brother. A nice man with a great wife Florence, I remember how they came to my high school graduation party, how they came a few times every year to visit Grandma, and how they loved to go to the casino. My […]

A guide to this years Christmas card

A guide to this years Christmas card: 1. My first short story: “The Personal Diary of Mrs. Martha Hudson, Housekeeper to the Famed Detective Sherlock Holmes” published in The Norwegian Explorers 2016 Christmas Annual, No. 15: The Miss Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 2. Back to flying – first time in over a year 3. Visiting the […]

Christmas 2016

Christmas Eve 2016 has come and gone. It happens too fast, but at least its filled with lots of good food, good people, and good gifts.

Happy Festivus!

Happy Festivus! How did you spend your Festivus? Did you practice the “Airing of Grievances” or the “Feats of Strength”? Have any “Festivus miracles”? Festivus is for the rest of us. I am an eater, not a cooker or baker. Really, I hate cooking and baking. I hate reading recipes and find the whole process […]

Christmas with the kids!

Celebrated Christmas with my favorite niece and nephew and their way cool Mom (she told me to say that) tonight. I received some fantastic Harry Potter socks, some soda with amazing flavors – which includes bacon and one that’s like butterbeer, a soap with caffeine in it, and some yummy holiday treats. Yes, everyone knows […]

Because you know I’m all about that chex

Because you know I’m all about that chex ‘Bout that chex, no truffles I’m all about that chex ‘Bout that chex, no truffles I’m all about that chex ‘Bout that chex, no truffles* I’m all about that chex *please note that I do love truffles, especially the milk chocolate kind.

Thanksgiving 2016

Let the feeding begin! Happy Thanksgiving!

All Hallow’s Read

The niece and nephew were over a little early to celebrate All Hallow’s Read and Halloween. Louisa is a ninja and Julian is Bilbo. We are celebrating year #4 of All Hallow’s Read (Neil Gaiman’s awesome book holiday) and graphic novels were the book this year (I figured it was time for graphic novels and […]