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Archive for 'Family'

The foot

Today starts week 3 of my new foot brace. After doing physical therapy for a few months the doctors decided to get me a foot brace that will hopefully stretch the muscles and various other things in my foot and will make it less painful to walk. I am hoping for pain free, but after […]


Today I was off to the local racetrack Running Aces with family and friends. I had one big win $18 on a $2.00 bet! Its always fun to watch the ponies run and the weather was beautiful.

Happy International Cat Day !

Happy International Cat Day! Yes, there is a holiday for everything.

The Riddle Room

Today was a battle of wits and we lost and the world ended. Sorry about that. So today six of us ladies went to The Riddle Room aka an escape room game- which is where you go and are locked (not really) in a room with a mystery to solve. We were doing the game: […]

Misty water-colored memories…

Memories…Misty water-colored memories… Its always hard to let go of things. Today ends Mom’s garage sale and three very long days of working the garage sale. Not being a morning person and having to get up every morning to open at 9am was not very fun. Luckily we had some wonderful family and friends that […]

Remembering Dad

Remembering Dad on his death date.

Carl J. and Dorothy L. Aho Photograph Collection, ca. 1940s

My dad donated a bunch of old photographs in his and my uncle’s name to the Alaska and Polar Regions Collections at the University of Alaska Fairbanks- Rasmuson Library back in the 1990s. The photographs are: “The Carl J. and Dorothy L Aho Photograph Collection consists of seventy-one black and white photographs. Images include aerial […]

Fresh and squeaky!

My mom is home from the family picnic in Wisconsin and what did she bring back? CHEESE CURDS!!!!

Your Friday cat photo

4th of July party

Carole’s (aka Mom) annual 4th of July party! Lots of good food and good people.