Explorers Club Dinner

Tonight was a meeting and dinner for the Minnesota Sub-Chapter of The Explores Club and Explorer Will Steger gave a presentation: “Crossing Both Poles by Dog Team.” The meeting and dinner was held at Stella’s Fish Cafe in Minneapolis, but because of the terrible roads and traffic (from the snow storm two days ago) getting there was a bit an adventure. It took me over an hour diving from the University and it should have only taken about 20 minutes. John Annexstad was honored. John has a very nice wife named Judith and a peak “Annexstad Peak” in the Antarctic is named after him. Then Will Steger gave a fun talk about crossing the Antarctica and the Arctic. He talked about the weather, the cold, food or lack of it, going to the bathroom in the cold, the dogs, mutiny’s, and how global warming is changing the Arctic. After the talk Will sold copies of his book ‘Crossing Antarctica’ and also copies of a poster from his Antarctica trip. About 19 people attended tonight’s event, which included other Explorer Club members (such as Explorer Ann Bancroft!), friends, family members, and other visitors. Our largest gathering yet! Sub-Chapter Chairman Greg Brown did a great job organizing tonight’s event.

Tonight’s Agenda:

7-7:15 Drinks/Casual mixing
7:15-7:30 Sit down/order and eat dinner
8:00 News:
-Upcoming speaker and explorer Lonnie Dupre s going back to Denali this winter
-Special announcement about John Annexstad
-Introduction to Will Steger
-Will Steger’s talk
-Conclusion/Good Bye.

Election results on a very bad day

On an otherwise terrible, horrible day for my family (let me just say that hospital really suck), one fun, happy email arrives and its the results from the first Minnesota Sub-Chapter of the Explorers Club election:

“3) Do you want Melissa Aho as our Event Coordinator and Secretary through June 30, 2013? PASSED. 9 Yea votes, 0 Nay votes and 0 abstentions.”


The Vote

Today’s mail brings the 1st official ballot from the Minnesota Sub-Chapter of the Explorers Club. While I was elected Event Location Coordinator and Secretary, apparently we are now following Roberts Rules of Order and a more official vote is needed then a few members at a dinner. So here is my name of the ballot. Oh the pressure of how I will vote! Whom shall I vote for?

Rock the Vote!

The Explorers Club event

Tonight was the summer meeting of the Minnesota members of the Explorers Club, which was held at the lovely Pool and Yacht Club in Lilydale. We were hoping for a record attendance event, but unfortunately the Duluth flood and other events prevented more members from attending. As usual it was a fantastic night filled with some great stories; this time we were treated to stories of Mongolia shamans, Alaska earthquakes, airplanes and flying, and the feeding of deer and other wildlife!

Membership card!

I received my new membership card and certificate today for The Explorers Club! I am very impressed by the membership card. Its plastic, has a beautiful image (I believe its a nebula), and even has a ruler on the reverse side (back in ye olden days I guess we would have called it the Side-B).

The Explorers Club!

I got in! I got in!

I just received word via email (the ‘official’ letter is in the mail) that I am a new Member National (MN) of The Explorers Club! I have wanted to join The Explorers Club since the mid-1990s, but I figured I would never get in. Then over a year ago I learned that there are a few members in Minnesota and I contacted Greg (a member) who kindly helped me with my application and I got in! Thanks Greg and Don for writing me letters and sponsoring me!

The Explorers Club was “Founded in 1904 by a group of the world’s leading explorers, The Explorers Club is a multi-disciplinary not-for-profit professional society dedicated to the advancement of field research, scientific exploration and the ideal that it is vital to preserve the instinct to explore. The mission of The Explorers Club is the encouragement of scientific exploration of land, sea, air, and space. Our members hail from all corners of the globe and are among the most accomplished in all facets of exploration and the field sciences” (http://www.explorers.org/index.php/about/join/join_the_club). Members have include Theodore Roosevelt, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Sir Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay, various Leakey’s, Jane Goodall, Sylvia Earle, Dian Fossey, Sally Ride, and Charles Lindbergh!


The Explorers Club Mixer

Tonight I attended and had a great time at my first The Explorers Club event! I have been working on my application for The Explorers Club for a while and unfortunately the closest chapter is in Chicago, but there are a lot of members in Minnesota. So tonight I got to meet some of the amazing Minnesota members at a mixer held at the Pool & Yacht Club in St. Paul.