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Wharton Entrepreneurship Specialization Certificate!

I have been interested in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) for a while now (and at one time wanted to do my MEd project on them), so this year I have decided to try out a few different ones, from a variety of different educational institutions, and then possible write a paper about it – […]


Its always wonderful to receive a new diploma in the mail, but I am sad to say the quality (paper and ink) of the physical diploma has come down over the years.

LT Media Lab News

I learned today that the LT Media Lab had posted “Congrats to LT’s newest M.Ed. graduates!” back on May 15, which you can view here: The department does a great LT M.Ed. showcase. I am even in a few of the photos posted, which is always fun to see. All photos and images listed […]

Citation Goddess!

Dr Madeline Messick dissertation is now online for your reading pleasure. This wonderful little sentence is to be found in the Acknowledgements: “Melissa Aho, AKA the Citation Goddess, deserves extra thanks for reviewing all my references”

Graduate transcript finally updated!

Graduate transcript finally updated!

Master of Education…degree #15

I received an email today saying that “You have been approved for the conferment of a Master of Education degree from the University of Minnesota,” that the degree will be posted to my transcript with the following conferment date of 05/31/16, and that I should receive the diploma in the mail in 6-8 weeks! Awesome! […]

Learning Technologies Master of Education Student Showcase

Today was the my Learning Technologies Master of Education Student Showcase and I presented my Final Project “Harvey the Husky: an Adventure Learning Game”! In 2012 I completed the Online Distance Learning Postbaccalaureate Certificate from the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities because I was looking for some theory and methodology for online teaching, then in 2013 […]

I Passed!!! PhD Comprehensive Oral Exam

Today was my 90 Minutes PhD Comprehensive Oral Exam. April 28th, 2016 8:00 a.m. until 9:30 a.m It was a crazy day! I got less than 3 hours of sleep (not a good sleeper I was trying for 6 hours, but could not fall asleep), so I was not moving too quickly this morning. The […]

Today is Study Day Wednesday!

Today is Study Day Wednesday, so named due to the fact that I am resting, letting my back recover from yesterdays long flights, and studying like a crazy lady for tomorrows PhD Oral Examination Day. Today was also rainy, humid, and included a trip for tacos to Juan Tequilas.

Boreas Booya with special guest Dr. Jessica Hellmann

Today was also the last Boreas Booya of the fall semester with special guest Dr. Jessica Hellmann. Dr. Hellmann is the new Director of Institute on the Environment at the UMN. The one thing that really stuck out about her talk was that when asked how she balances her work life and family life she […]