Cats Don’t Like Hats

Ginger and Candy modeling the latest in Boring company hats. Sadly the boring snail would beat the boring cat. @boringcompany #CatsDontLikeHats

Happy 40th Star Wars!

Star Wars turns 40 years old today! Do you feel old?

When your cat might secretly be a Jedi knight, but she refuses to discuss those clone war years.
How many versions of Star Wars do you own? #StarWars40 #Hanshotfirst
Forty years of collecting Star Wars merchandise


An lovely new book on THE CARD CATALOG by The Library of Congress has arrived during #NationalLibraryWeek and purchased with some of my birthday gift card. Its very beautiful and fun and it even comes with its own checkout card! Not that I would ever loan it out, but still fun to have. What other wonders await inside this book?