So someone whined (yes, you did whine) that they could not post a comment on my blog. I was fixing some settings a while back and turned the comments off by mistake. Sorry about that. Whine I mean comment away!



Update 7/17/11: So reloaded some software and some posts are coming up with comments and others are not. Not sure why. I know, its weird. Sorry about that.



Library of Congress Webcasts

Did you know that the Library of Congress has hundreds of free webcasts available for the public to watch?  I read about this today on the blog ‘So Many Books.’ So being the book geek that I am, I just had to take a look.

It turns out, the LOC has a great collection of authors and topics. They have items arranged via biography/history, culture/preforming arts, education, government, poetry/literature, religion, and science/technology.

All you need to do is download RealPlayer, if you don’t have it, and away you go. I just had time to watch Dane Kennedy discussing his book on Richard Burton (one of my favorite explorers).  Stefanie at ‘So Many Books’ mentions a nice one by poet Robert Bly. Enjoy!

Check out the site at http://www.loc.gov/today/cyberlc/index.php

Fall blog cleaning

With my Master’s Prospectus “Exploring the History and Change of Mosque Architecture in Guyana” now officially turned in (now I just wait to see if my committee approves it or not, before I can move on to the next stage: writing the paper, which I have actually started because as it has to be between 40 to 50 pages and time is running out), I figured it was time to do a little cleaning up on the blog. So a few things are gone and a few things are cleaned up: like my Publications, Books read in 2008 (yes, I am a bit behind in my goal of 100 books for the year and with the Masters paper I don’t think I will make it this year, but you never know) and the MA Paper page (updated with my Bibliography but not yet the abstract…waiting for my approval before I show that to anyone). So keeping busy on this rainy day.

Die spamers die!

I am sick and tired of deleting out hundreds of spam a day!

So until I install a spam-guard, or whatever they are called, if you want to leave a comment I need to approve it. Sorry for the inconvenience. But hopefully that will cut down on the evil spam (a pox/plague upon the houses of the evil spamers).

Update…I have the Akismet spam blocker up and going. So now we will see if it will work and catch all the evil spam <evil grin>

New update…it works! Just saw it catch 2 spam! Way cool 🙂

Che is my new blog header

So I was getting sick and tired of the winter and flowers blog headers which come with the two blog designs that I use. So I finally had some time to do something about it (I am currently in-between classes – aka summer break and I am done grading the 100+ final research papers for the online classes that I teach. Yeah! Grading done and ready to turn in).

There are many ways to create a blog photo header, but since I don’t want to mess around with Photoshop and I want something easy I found a website which allows you to create your own photo headers with just the click of a mouse.

Take a look at http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/blogheader.php if you are interested.


Updating the blog

You might have noticed that I am updating the blog. Since the ’23 things on a Stick’ web program is done, I have been getting rid of some of the ‘Things’ they had you add to your blog (these were things I was not overly found of). So things might change, vanish forever, or suddenly appear! I also hope to update the other pages and the links, but we will see how much time I have before summer gets crazy!

My ClustrMaps is up and working!

So for a while I have been trying to find a people counter that would work. There are some really cool ones out there, like ones that work with Google maps (which I could not get to work), and I finally found ClustrMaps and actually got it to work.

The only thing it records is hits and puts a dot on the map, which is pretty cool. So we will see how it works and if its too dorky I may just delete it out.

Just keeping up with the technology! 

PhDiva Blog

One of my new favorite blogs is PhDiva http://phdiva.blogspot.com/

Written by Dorothy King its about an American PhD living in London. This blog certainly has the British feel for info on Archaeology, Art, Life and Politics.

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Recently I have been become fascinated with the concept of the blog. So I decided to create my own personal blog full of interesting info on a wide variety of subjects and other items that currently interest me: a librarian in Minnesota.

Thanks for reading and come back soon,