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Archive for 'Art'

Boreas Negotiating Basics

Today was a new Boreas workshop: ‘Negotiating Basics’ facilitated by Margaret Anderson Kelliher, President and CEO of the Minnesota High Tech Association and former speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives. It was a fantastic workshop and as one who tried two times to negotiate a higher salary (for my current library position and former […]

Heart art in the library!

The library of my employment has decided to add art exhibits. Which in theory is a good idea. In theory. Perhaps its the fact that I have a BA and MA in Art History, as well as a BA and MS in Anthropology, and that ever helpful MLIS, and have taken many classes in conservation, […]

500 Years of Andreas Vesalius

The Wangensteen Historical Library has a wonderful exhibit on Andreas Vesalius and includes his groundbreaking human anatomy book “De Humani Corporis Fabrica” from 1555 (the second printing, as the first printing was in 1543) and a new 2014 translation. Its a fun exhibit as they mix old text, modern translations, and modern technology to tell […]

Dr Renata Holod Lecture

Tonight I braved the cold (19 degrees) was able to attend a lecture by Dr. Renata Holod on “On Regimes of Lighting: Vision & Memory in the Great Mosque of Cordoba.” She was at the UMN for The 3rd Annual Carl Sheppard Memorial Lecture in Medieval Art History. It was a really interesting lecture on […]

Visit to the Architecture Library

I had to go to the Architecture Library at the UMN today for a meeting. If you have never been in there, its a lovely space with lots of light and art exhibitions!

Terracotta Warriors

Mom and I finally got a chance to see the China’s Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor’s Legacy exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts today. It is a fantastic exhibit and the terracotta statues are incredible. You can still see original paint on some of the statues and the details are amazing. I kept expecting […]

Dead Sea Scrolls

Disappointing! That’s how I would describe seeing the Dead Sea Scrolls. Tonight, I met up with Susan, an old friend and fellow survivor of library school, to go and see the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Omnitheater movie Arabia. Its always wonderful to see Susan (she was having a devastating week and I think getting […]

Busy Monday

Today I attended a talk/discussion called “Recapturing & Reconfiguring Contemporary Islam in SE Asia: Contemporary Islam Indonesia: Cultural Reconfiguration in Performing Arts.” I do not know that much about Islam in Indonesia, so it was an interesting discussion. Unfortunately it was only 1 1/2 hours long, so some of the speakers were not able to […]

The celebrating continues…

I arrived at work today to find a birthday gift sitting at my desk. The gift is totally me: a Frida Kahlo luggage tag and a marble sign which say “Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History”! Thank you Cece! But I am not sure when she was in the Library. I asked all the usual […]

General Mills

Today I had lunch at the General Mills Headquarters and received a tour of the General Mills Archive. My friend Susan has a totally cool job as an archivist in the Archives. The Archives have rooms and rooms of cereal boxes (going back to the 1930s), cookbooks, advertisements, prizes from inside the cereal boxes, records, […]